Monday, September 14, 2009

backdated blog

Friday 13th June – Byron Bay.

I am afraid there is no excuse for my lack of attention paid dans la blog.
Not much has happened recently, well nothing interesting, funny or downright weird enough to write about.
Tho you are now reading The Tales of Gluten Free Salpant. I became totally fed up of post muesli belly bloat, so decided join the rest of the population of byron, and reduce my food cupboard by at least half, by removing all those nasty gluten ridden foods and a few secret harbourers too.
I have also returned to my beloved bikram yoga. I felt it was time to take up the 7 days for $20 offer, and return to the gloriously sweaty torture chamber that is the daily bikram yoga class. And needless to say I am loving every minute, the sick woman I am and have taken back to it, like a well greased duck to water.
I have now joined up for a month and have launched back into my old routine of attending class 5 times a week. 2 weeks in and I hurt like hell, the age old feeling that someone has booted me rather aggressively with a stiletto shoe in the middle of my spine…ah that old feeling, welcome back friend.
I am assured by Andrea my chirpy American teacher, that this is normal and will pass. Hmm…we shall see.

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