Wednesday, October 14, 2009

poem i wrote on train back to london before heading to oz. for mummy and daddy. x

The familiar sounds that make it my home,

my indelible nest, from where ever i roam.

To be able to tell whos coming up stairs,

encroaching in 1's or skipping up pairs.

8th step from the top has a tell tale squeak,

have to tread on the sides when at night time we'd creep.

The attic that acts as a time warp cocoon,

of photos and sketch books,

things dragged home from school.

Bad light fittings that once were a dazzling choice,

cassette tapes a filled with my buck toothed voice.

The heart wrenching moment as i pack up to leave,

that i realize what it is that my parents achieved.

To create a place for small offspring to grow,

to be safe and secure and always to know,

that what ever they do and where ever they  roam,

this place will be there,

their indelible home.

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