Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday 6th March 09 – Byron Bay.

I cant believe its the end of another week. Week 3 to be precise, only 4 more to go. Everyone said it would go fast, but I always put those comments in the “does my bum look big in this?” box, ie they are lying to you.
I taught my very first class this very morn, well I shared it with 3 others girls so we all had 20mins each in which to embarrass our selves in the most un glorious manner, in front of a room full of strangers trying desperately to get their very inflexible legs behind their heads. Que the sound of straining underpants and bulging eyebulbs. But it went well surprisingly. I actually enjoyed it in a sick “what the hell am I doing” kind of way.
I even got a hug at the end from one of the slightly more flexible men that attended. This, I was not expecting but still, I accept every comment and criticism with open arms (literally, so it seems) so I guess that counts as positive feedback, and Matt, the young man in question, seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself, launching into each pose with a refreshing gusto that my fellow trainees lack somewhat at this point.
Silver has just swaggered in again to see me, and has taken up his usual spot in my suitcase full of clothes to bed down for an afternoon of snoozing in the sun. Hard life aint it. I am slowly falling in love with this self centred, lazy sloth of a creature. Like a slightly abusive boyfriend, he never pays me a jot of attention unless he wants his daily dose of affection or, more often than not, food, but somehow this has me still cooing “morning baby” when he saunters thru my door at 6 in the morning, after a hard night on the boardwalk, chasing frogs and hanging out round the kitchen to be thrown a scrap or two.
I have just finished up another heart wrenching phone call to my beloved boy. I miss him more each day and, tho I love our nightly chats, I cant help but be sickeningly jealous of the ‘normal’ life his is living in Sydney. Going for dinner with friends, the theatre, the movies, things that all at once seem like a life time ago. Even found myself tearing up when he said he was waiting for a bus.
He is coming to visit me in a week or two so, like a prisoner, I will be counting down the days until he arrives.

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