Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesday 10th March 09 – Byron Bay

Im sitting on my bed in my denim dungarees, relishing having the day off.
I was one of the ‘lucky’ few who got to have their end of level 1 assessment yesterday, which means I have the whole day off today to do…well not much really. Like some sort of prisoner of war, I have become so used to being told what to do, at what time, where to be and what to bring, that I am actually at a loss of things to do on my, far and few between, days off. I tell a lie, I actually have to go into town in a few hours to attend yet another yoga class and also to post my dear daddy his birthday card, which, may I add proudly, I made myself, and also a gift for a dear friend of mine.
One of the girls has cracked under the pressure and has decided to move out of the compound. This sent a ripple of shock thru the camp, and sent us all clucking around like hens, adding our 2 cents worth to the conversation when ever it was mentioned.
I think its great for her, especially as I think she finds it hard being on top of each other 24 hours a day. I am very jealous but am defiantly holding her to her promise that I can go round and enjoy, an agreed, much missed luxury, of a sofa, whenever I like.
The rest of us are getting on surprisingly well. A few, shall we call them ‘fakers’ have emerged from the wood work, whom we have all agreed are putting on a bit of a show for the rest of us which hasn’t been received too well, but apart from that, we are having quite a good time. The evenings have drawn a small group of girls away from their dark dingy rooms, down to the bottom of the garden to our lighter, cooler cabin with a guitar, and we have whiled away many hours singing songs together like some incredibly flexible, hot pant wearing girl guides.
Most of my fellow yoginis on site have, by now, met the ever illusive Unyun. My dear and beloved 24 year old toy rabbit that now looks, as Siw so kindly put it “like a pig/hippo thing”, and they have all been very kind and gentle to him. I however did abuse my battered bunny in a most careless way just the other morning. I was rushing to get to class on time and couldn’t find a book I needed so was tearing my room apart in a frantic bid to find the blasted tome. As I frumfed the duvet up into the air in a cloud of sand, ants and skin dust, Unyun went flying thru the air with a bemused look on his one button eyed face, and landed head first in my camomile tea!
“Unyun!!” I screamed surprisingly loudly, as my cabin mate rushed in to see how big the snake was that I was obviously screaming at.
I felt awful as I lifted the soggy, water logged lapin from my mug and wrung him out. He then spent the rest of the day pegged to the washing line giving me evil looks every time I scuttled past trying to avert my gaze. We have, however, made friends again now and it turns out it was a blessing in disguise, as he now has a faint aroma of camomile and honey ingrained down his left side. I’ve said it before, and ill say it again “every cloud…”
I have another reason for such a good mood today, my beloved boy has just informed me he has officially booked his flight to come and visit me next weekend. As soon as I received the news I skipped, bare foot, down the road to the Beach House hotel and booked a room for 2 nights so we can have our own little love nest away from the tofu and incense sticks. I am so excited!

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