Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday 13th feb 09 – Sydney

Im always a little nervy about this date, not too sure why but I think im subconsciously hideously superstitious. I must be, I have spent my entire time here freezing when I see a magpie and panicking as I never can remember that stupid rhyme. And so follows a rather wonky sort of curtsey/bow/spin with me muttering some combination of “morning/Evening/afternoon mrs Magpie” while feeling like a complete idiot, but also a slight twinge of relief, in the knowledge that the world will not end now. Thank god, thank god my magical words will have held up that tsunami, or quietened that volcano, or stopped that meteor in it tracks. Powerful stuff.
Good news tho my eye is finally feeling better. Oops….touch wood.
Just in time really as I have just finished stuffing my belongings; once again, back into the same suitcase they have appeared and reappeared from so many times on this journey. I sometimes feel guilty as im sure most of the other suitcases purchased are left to sleep until same time next August when they are taken on a two week trip to Corfu, then back home to the comfort of the attic/ airing cupboard to recover, safe in the knowledge they wont be called upon again for at least another year. My poor thing has been dragged all over the place thru rain and sun, and I have been a little mean as my usual military packing technique taught by ‘sergeant mother’ has been cast aside for a more freestyle, casual effort which means poor Carl (the case) suffers a some what bloated tummy until I spill his guts again at my next destination.
Hungry now, oh and must shave my legs.

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