Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tuesday 10th feb 09 - Sydney

Apparently I am harbouring some sort of rare eye disease. I woke two days ago with the worst headache of my life, like someone was standing on my skull, and over the next two days it continued to get worse until I now have a constant pain above my right eye, more like someone drilling very slowly into my socket with a rusty hand drill, with double vision and light sensitivity, which is fun!
So you can understand why im feeling a bit depressed today. I have a strange compulsion to eat my self to death when something like this happens. Probably some left over psycho shit form my anorexic days, wow those were fun.
So today I am not only trying to deal with the small possum that has burrowed into my head over night, is currently trying to nest behind my right eye and just cant seem to get comfy, but im also a bloated mass of wind brought on by too much All Bran, and Spicy Fruit Loaf from my rather lame binge session over the past 3 days.
It is also raining which I was informed ‘never happens in australia’. A rather sweeping statement I agree, especially as this place is the greenest place I have ever seen with wildlife and creepy crawlies from the Jurassic period. But there you go.
I was going to embark on the rather long walk to the beach this morn for a swim but have changed my mind and decided to stay in and order carpet samples instead.
I must admit that my last week in Sydney so far hasn’t gone too much to plan. I had invisioned lazy morning swims and sun bakes before the 3 mile hike it takes to get back to the ‘1920’s’. Especially as im not sleeping to well with my brain freeze probs. You wouldn’t think it would be a problem while sleeping seeing as the eyes are generally closed, but for some reason little ‘Ike’ decides to try and focus, which at the moment is not a pleasant sensation, on the back of my eyelid. Not something I have ever had the urge to do but there you go, now it seems a necessary evil.
My beloved boy has just set out for workypoos. I have to go and let him out of the back gate as the security here has a mind of its own. If you happen to leave your front door unlocked because, say, you were just popping out for a run and would be back in 20 mins, so didn’t think it necessary to lock the door, nope. It locks itself! As you can tell from my tone this has happened once or twice to me so far. The only explanation I have come to is that there probably isn’t too much ‘popping’ anywhere for these fellas, and the likely hood of a run is very slim I should imagine. So anyway I have to scuttle after him, in the rain, with my pulsating eye and let him out.
His aunty Ginny is coming round in and hour with the carpet guy to measure up and pick a new carpet for this place. Hense my earlier comment about staying home and ‘ordering carpet samples’. (It was a valid statement tho I do realise it may have sounded like some sort of lesbian innuendo. Appologies.)
Anyway I think im going to try and have another little sleep before she gets here as my eye is about to fall out from all the comedic writing I have just produced.
Love you both lots,
Ps can you tell im reading more books?

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